Stop the Pipelines and it stops the flow of gas and oil.

Pipelines are the arteries for the flow of fracked gas to compressor stations and

dehydration stations to fully process the gas.

The less pipelines, the less flow of gas.

Citizens in New York, New England, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Dakota

and other States are protesting pipelines and related infrastructure like gas power plants

and processing plants.

Years of protest and delays have put a major stranglehold on the flow and profits

for the Gas Industry, in particular.

Constitution Pipeline from Pa. to New York is on hold.  Dakota Access Pipeline is on Hold.

Others are years in delay.

We need to convince the Oil and Gas Industry to invest and transition to green, non-fossil

fuels.  We need to convince the Government to stop subsidizing and promoting

polluting Oil and Gas Industry and promote clean, green renewable energy.

This so-called “Bridge Fuel” needs to be replaced before more environmental and

health hazards occur.

Thanks to all the Citizens involved in the protests and actions taken to “Stop the




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