Citizens need to take Action.  Expose Polluting Industries in their Communities.

Photograph, Videotape, Write and tell the World what is happening to our Air, Water,

Soil, Eco-systems, Health, Roads, Lives.

We can not be silent.

And we can not just take it and be passive and allow polluting Industries like the Oil and

Gas Industry to run roughshod over us.

Our Lives Matter over the Profits and Greed of Toxic Corporations.

Keep Journals and Write to Elected Officials and Newspapers and tell your experiences.

The more Citizens involved exposing the problems, the more action and response

we will get to somehow correct the problems and free ourselves from the negative


We need to be a citizen-participating Democracy….not just users and observers.

For the sake of future generations and like the Native American Tradition of

considering Seven Generations when making important decisions that affect Nature,

Life and Health, we must be vigilant, observant and sound the alarms.

I thank all involved, concerned Citizens and your future generations thank you.


Vera Scroggins







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