Living with Fracking

How about an Industrial Site next to your home….Look out your windows and see the

drilling going on, drill rig 100′ high, diesel-emitting trucks all about….industrial sounds

abound…men in hard hats, reflector vests, flame-retardant suits, safety goggles and boots

engaged in diverse tasks….and you live in rural America….farm country….cows and

horses….dairies, heifer farms, cornfields, organic farms….now beside gas drilling

operations, gas production, gas refineries, water recycling plants, truck traffic with

large tankers, diesel smells, industrial noise, lights to obscure the rural, night sky…..

Welcome to our World in the Gas Fields of Pa…

I’m in northeast Pennsylvania,  Susquehanna County.

I photograph, document, videotape since 2008 the changes and invasion of toxic,

polluting Industry.

My youtube channel of hundreds of videos is

One of my videos describing the truck traffic in our little town of Montrose, the County

Seat and following the trucks to the Frack Site…

Here’s my video showing contaminated well water near gas drilling and gas wells

of one of my friends, which has been verified contaminated from gas drilling by our

State Dept. of Environmental Protection, DEP….


I’ve been giving Citizen Gas Tours since 2009 for hundreds of visitors and

they’ve been aghast at what is happening in our neighborhoods.

I am warning the US and World about this dirty, risky, polluting source of energy

which needs to be replaced by renewable energies soon.



One thought on “Living with Fracking

  1. Oh, Vera, thank you for undertaking this important, no vital and heart-wrenching work of informing the world of what is going on!May your strength and courage endure and ignite similar sparks in those you meet!

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