Fracking continues and is on the upswing in my Susquehanna County in northeastern, Pa.

since October 2016 after over a two-year downswing and bust.

Despite over 1,000 DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) Violations in my county

since 2008, Gas Companies continue to drill, frack, pollute, invade our county.

Despite no profits for the gas companies for over 2 years , they continue to Frack.

Despite millions in fines in my county alone, they continue to Frack.

What will it take to shut this Industry down?  Despite dozens of families without clean

water after nearby Gas Drilling in over a dozen townships in my county, they continue to


Despite 47 Gas Compressor Stations to process the gas, refineries in our communities,

near homes, without any minimum setbacks, and belching out tons of carcinogenic,

toxins, they continue to Frack.

What will it take to stop them?

Despite hundreds of peer-review, scientific studies and articles, they continue to Frack.

See Compendium of Risks and Harms of Fracking : http://concernedhealthny.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/PSR-CHPNY-Compendium-3.0.pdf

Despite the 2016, Five-year, millions-of-dollars Study by EPA, showing harm to our Water

from the Fracking Process/Gas Drilling Industry, they continue to Frack:

see https://www.epa.gov/hfstudy….

May the new Administration see the Light and stop this polluting machine and transition

now to clean, green, renewable energy and stop making excuses and putting our lives

and health in jeopardy.


Vera Scroggins






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